There are numerous reasons for a co-investment, irrespective of the fact that not every real estate owner and any professional or semi-professional investor would like to fulfill all the tasks related to renting / ownership.

With our opportunistic investment approach, we occupy profitable niche markets. Together with our partners, we are acquiring residential real estate, which still offers opportunities for solid returns in today's highly competitive market environment. In doing so, we take over the entire operational part, from acquisition through asset management to exit.


Why Co-Investment?

- You get access to the market for attractive offers;

- Do you lack the resources to check nationwide offers in the very fast-changing market environment within a short period of time and react to them in a
  reasonable time? Stay competitive with us compared to other competitors!;

- Access to supra-regional market knowledge to open up new markets;

- Use of an existing banking network;

- You are reaching for a wide-ranging workman network;

- in the shifting of your portfolio into the "asset" asset class, you will be accompanied by an expert and will put your risk and return profile into your own
  appropriate strategy for real estate acquisition and real estate management;

- You do not want to appear publicly in the market and remain discreetly in the background.


Why us?

- strong nationwide acquisition and access to attractive offers;

- Network, which ensures the nationwide management and implementation of value-enhancing measures on your real estate; Neglected holdings, difficult
  tenant structures, reduction of leeches, implementation of construction measures belong to our Day-to-day business. The removal of maintenance backlog,
  the efficient use of limited capex resources and the minimization both. As well as non-allocatable costs are among our strengths.

- transparent processes and joint decisions;

- Capital-call only after extensive preliminary examination and in the case of specific offers;

- profit-maximized sales through structured sales processes;


What strategy are we pursuing?

We pursue an opportunistic approach in niche markets for our own purchases. In doing so, we are concentrating on the investment in multi-family dwellings, residential facilities and on project developments/construction of apartment buildings.

We are planning an investment horizon of 4-10 years and a project size of 5-25 million Euros per individual measure/transaction at locations where we already know very well.

Our exact purchase profile can be found at

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